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Cool cars of Portland

I always see a lot of nice looking vintage cars around the neighborhood.  I’ve started trying to capture some with my phone.  It’ll give me a chance to Google the vehicles and attempt to identify the year of manufacture.

All the dates are my best guess.

And since I see SO many of these, a separate collection of VW buses.  If I saw any of these in Baton Rouge, it was not enough to stand out as noteworthy but it seems like a really popular vehicle out here.

5 Responses to Cool cars of Portland

  1. Dan Johnson

    The gold colored hot rod in front of the clinic ……. I’m guessing some kind of Ford Motor Company product , around 1953 .

    • Big Joe

      Oh yeah, that’s it! How did you know that?!?

      • Dan Johnson

        The little blue and white car is a Nash Metropolitan .

        • Big Joe

          Wow, pretty cool Dan! You know a lot about these obscure cars, man! I looked it up and saw it was a North American made car from 54-62.

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