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Author Archives: Kelly

New Homestead

  The Francois Five is moving homesteads, AGAIN!  Luckily, this time instead of 2500 miles apart, our new place is just around the corner from our current apartment, in the charming neighborhood Sullivan’s Gulch (I just love that name!).  After about 20 months of renting, we are buying – putting down some roots in Portland. … Continue reading »

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6 months in Portland

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in Portland for 6 months!!  Every time I cross the Willamette River, and take in the scenes of this beautiful city, I want to pinch myself.   I remember finishing loading up the u-haul for the cross country trip, thinking, “what in the heck are we doing?!  This is … Continue reading »

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My multi-modal life:

For the first time in my 40 years on this earth, I live in a city where a multi-modal lifestyle is a reality.  Modal refers to our choice of transportation while everyday living, such as grocery shopping, commuting to work, extracurricular activities, etc .  Multi-modal means using multiple forms of transportation on a regular basis. … Continue reading »

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Village Home

A few weeks after we came to Portland, Joe and I went to check out the Village Home Resource Center. We rode our bikes to the NE Portland campus. As soon as we got there, and I saw moms and kids picnicking in the parking lot, children running around barefoot, some toddlers shirtless, and moms … Continue reading »

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Joe’s 40th bday sunset ride

Yesterday was my wonderful hubby’s bday – his 40th!!!! For his birthday, I gave him a spectacular view of the sunset along a bike path skirting the banks of the Willamette River. Joe’s bday last year was the weekend we put our house on the market to get ready for this crazy adventure heading West. … Continue reading »

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Mount Tabor Ride

I think my hubby is trying to kill me!! He got a wild hair to ride to Mt. Tabor Park (one of only 2 volcanoes within city limits in the country, and a park since 1909) to get a good view of Mt. Hood. After I got a big pot of red beans cooking (bringing the … Continue reading »

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Biking Adventures in Portland, take one

Joe and I took our first long bike ride in Portland today. It. Was. Amazing!! We wound up riding past The Moda Center during a Portland/San Antonio playoff NBA basketball game! It was crazy, all the people everywhere, and all of the bikes. I have never seen that many bikes out riding before, unless it … Continue reading »

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Our First Portland Apartment

A few pics of our adorable new apartment!! We’ve downsized to 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and 1000 sq feet, and I couldn’t be happier. We are in a walk-up, 3rd floor 1920’s building – no a/c and no dishwasher (2 things I’ve never lived without) and it’s just perfect! Adorning the windows in the living … Continue reading »

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Launch Pad

Last January, 2013, when our brains were spinning, and we knew that we needed a BIG CHANGE, we had soooooo many ideas.  Our ideas were wild, from years on the road in an RV to backpacking around Europe, the sky was the limit.  When opportunities abound, it’s really hard to make a decision.  To help … Continue reading »

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Decamping from Baton Rouge

“Winning is sometimes appreciating the wisdom of a tactical withdrawal, especially in the face of impenetrable prejudice.”  Gerry Spense   Dear Baton Rouge – I’m not breaking up with you, I’m just taking a break from you.  Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s me.  To eeck out a life in this city, the way I want to … Continue reading »

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Getting Around in Miami Beach

The first thing I noticed about getting around Miami Beach was the crosswalks.  They  are clearly marked pedestrian crosswalks at every intersection.  Most intersections have crosswalk signals, clearly indicating when to cross.  At the cross walks without signals, there are signs in the middle of the crossing stating that cars must stop when pedestrians are … Continue reading »

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Safe Crossing?

I’ve lived in the mid-city area (corner of S. Foster and Claycut) for about 6 months now. We moved to this part of town, away from Oak Hills on the other side of town, to transition to a more pedestrian and biking lifestyle. In our old neighborhood, we rode bikes and walked only as a … Continue reading »

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Opting Out

A lot of people have asked me why my kids and I decided to switch to homeschooling.  The answer is complicated and difficult for me to express.  The best way I can describe it is “death by 1000 cuts”.  By Luke’s 2nd grade year at The Baton Rouge Center for Visual and Performing Arts (BRCVPA), … Continue reading »

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A Love Letter to Oak Hills

Today was a big day!  We accepted a great offer.  I know events can happen before the closing to ruin the deal.  Today I’m going to bask in the excitement of getting to this place in the family evolution.  I’ve had the moving “itchies” for a couple of years.  This last December, a camping trip to the Austin, TX … Continue reading »

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Beau – a story of a Frenchie

We are facing re-homing our French Bulldog, Beau, next week.  We have considered it for a while, and with the move and renting it was the right time right now.  I think Beau is a symptom of too much stuff requiring too much attention and care.  I’m going to really miss sweet, calm Beau, who … Continue reading »

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