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California with Rylee and Luke

The redwoods have to be seen in person to be appreciated.  The pictures can’t describe walking through an old growth forest of 3000 year old trees.  It was a real gift getting to do this with two of my little kids.  Tate is already choosing to do his own thing mostly, so Kelly stayed home … Continue reading »

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The cars

I took a few more car pictures on my walks and rides through town, and below are the last of those pictures I took.  Then I decided to stop taking pictures for a while, there are just so many cool cars out here.  now I’ve been just looking at them when I pass, stopping for … Continue reading »

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Cannon Beach at Dawn

We left the apartment this morning at 4:00 am to make it to Cannon Beach for the 5:30 am low tide.  Low tide is the only time that it’s possible to walk all the way out to the Haystack rock, touch it, see all the wildlife in the tide pools, and get pretty close to … Continue reading »

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Warp Speed

We’ve been on the go a lot over the last two weeks so it’s been a bit of blur, but I’ll try to capture some of what we did. The first week, Kelly I took a bus out to see Cathedral Park one evening.  I thought it would be just a bridge viewing trip that … Continue reading »

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Rylee’s Room Tour

I’ve been enjoying seeing some of the kids’ older videos on their abandoned YouTube channels.  Their videos are like little time capsules of where we were when they made them.  It’s fun seeing the world through their eyes.  Luke showed me some old ones today that he and Tate made a few years back and … Continue reading »

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Car Collection

On all our slow trips through the Portland neighborhoods, I keep passing some really nice vintage cars so I started a car collection.  It’s a pretty low commitment collection that doesn’t cost me a dime, I don’t need a garage of my own to store these cars and I have no need or desire to … Continue reading »

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Forest Park

We made a quick run out to Forest Park on Tuesday.  Rylee and Kelly came along, Tate and Luke stayed home.  We used the extremely convenient public transportation system and rode the bus.  The #77 bus runs every 15-20 minutes at the bus stop two blocks from our apartment and, after a 20 minute meandering … Continue reading »

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Two weeks with my boys

I have just had a great and interesting two week stretch with my boys. Tate, Luke and I have been home together without Kelly and Rylee, since the girls went back to Baton Rouge for two weeks.  This is the first time that we’ve ever spent this long of a stretch together exclusively.  I had … Continue reading »

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Rylee’s Travel Video


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A week in the neighborhood

We didn’t take any family road trips this week, but Kelly and Rylee flew back to Baton Rouge for 15 days so Rylee could spend time with the friends she misses from home.  But before they left, we spent a great week in our local area. We wake up every morning to cool air coming … Continue reading »

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Rylee’s Summer Fun Vlog

Rylee made this vlog at Crater Lake.  It’s funny that the cover photo she used is from our January (Winter) beach time in Miami.  It’s been a year of flipping the seasons for us.  

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Crater Lake

Well, this was another one of those once in a life-time kind of road trips.  I didn’t realize that a successful trip to Crater Lake is a big challenge and a major victory at every milestone. I called to book a room at the 99 year old Crater Lake Lodge for Monday night, with the … Continue reading »

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The Cherry Tree

Rylee and I took a walk to the grocery store last night at 9:30.  The same walk we take several times a week that brings us by the cherry tree next to the sidewalk.  We really enjoyed picking a couple of cherries every time we passed.  They were sweet, ripe, cool and fresh.  But this … Continue reading »

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Rylee’s Fishing Vlog

  Here’s Rylee’s vlog.  

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Fishing at the Trout Farm

A Great Tuesday. Kelly and I left the house at around noon to get some groceries for breakfast and to walk the dog.  After our late breakfast, we headed out to the Rainbow Trout Farm in Sandy, OR right near the base of Mount Hood.  It was grey and misting all day long, not quite … Continue reading »

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Bike Locks

I have U Locks on our remaining bikes now.  U Locks are better than cables and it looks like they are about equal to good quality hardened steel chains with big locks.  I still think the best deterrent is to just have a crappy looking bike and lock it up better than the rest of … Continue reading »

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Washington Park, Rose Test Garden and Japanese Garden

We woke up this morning and had a great breakfast.  It was the food that Kelly brought home from her job last night.  Some strawberry/rhubarb scones, quinoa salad and some sort of a Moroccan dish.  I probably have the details on the names wrong, but the food was great. Kelly plotted out a bus route … Continue reading »

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Rylee’s Birthday – Sunday

A great birthday Sunday with all day fun. Rylee had a grocery list for us on Saturday so we could have her birthday breakfast when we woke up on Sunday.  Fruit, yogurt and nuts.  By the time we all woke up on Sunday, Rylee had cut all the fruit, mixed it in a bowl, set … Continue reading »

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Mt Hood

We made it to Mt Hood and Multnomah Falls today. The whole family came along and had a great time, the sky was clear, the weather was mild, we ate well and I talked to my parents and to a long time friend on the phone. A perfect Wednesday. Oh, and Kelly got car sick. … Continue reading »

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Typical day – Good question

After that question yesterday, I spent a good part of the day enjoying myself by watching and observing, more so than I would on a typical day. These days I’m staying up until 2 or 3 am most nights and sleeping until 10 or 11.  No schedule, no alarms and it looks like I’m hitting … Continue reading »

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End of May

It’s been a great month of May and, once again, we have gotten in a lot of living this month.  It’s hard to believe that we’ve packed this much into just this month.  All the change is fun.  The contrasts are everywhere with all the new situations we’re experiencing. I like the beer here.  Not … Continue reading »

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Unschool Family Conference

  Kelly’s vlog     Rylee’s vlog      

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Sunday Fun

It rained all day on Sunday, and it was great.  Kelly was out all day preparing food at her barter job and the kids and I stayed in all day.  Rylee taught me how to edit movies, Luke and I made a new gasket for the steam engine and Tate and I tried to get … Continue reading »

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First full week in PDX

Today is Friday, the end of our first full Friday to Friday week here.  We arrived last Wednesday and spent the next two days lugging our remaining housewares up to the apartment.  After that final push into the apartment, we’ve been pretty settled.  Kelly is always so good at making our new places feel like … Continue reading »

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Mt Tabor

Kelly and I rode to Mount Tabor on our bikes.  It was about four miles and mostly at a slight incline with a few big hills.  Fun ride but difficult.  We’ll be conditioning more every day and eventually it should be a quick easy ride. The views up there are unbelievable.  The huge trees are … Continue reading »

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Saturday Market

We took the light rail train to two Saturday Markets today.  One was a huge arts market with bands and food and the other was the huge farmers market at Portland State University.  We walked a couple of blocks to the rail line that goes in all four directions from here.  Pretty convenient.  There’s an … Continue reading »

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Day 1 The last leg of this road trip.  A bittersweet time.  We’re all ready to see what Portland is like but we’re enjoying the road trip and hate for it to come to an end.  Rylee even said today that this is the closest our family has ever been.  That makes all the pains, … Continue reading »

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We had another spectacular drive today.  We left the huge mountains of Salt Lake City to drive through the green hills and farmland of Idaho.  We took a short detour to see the Snake River Gorge and Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls Idaho.  The deep rock cliffs were cool to see in person and the … Continue reading »

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Salt Lake City

Road Trip Pictures Today was a day of mostly driving, crossing the continental divide and crossing the Rockies at a relatively tame place in Wyoming.  We got on the road at 9 am and after many refueling and resnacking stops, made it to Salt Lake City by 6PM. We drove across the entire bottom section … Continue reading »

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Boulder and Chyenne

Tate got us on the road promptly at 9am this morning so we could stay on schedule to get him to wifi in Chyenne by 1PM.  So, we left Denver and were in Boulder by 9:40am.  With only an hour set aside to seeing Boulder on a Sunday morning, we took a short driver around … Continue reading »

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We have had a great time in Denver.  The drive up here was pretty cool.  Wide open grass covered land that went on forever.  And, I learned that the Odyssey can go for 20 miles, uphill, pulling a trailer with the fuel light on and the needle pegged on Empty, to get us to the … Continue reading »

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Amarillo was our first stop on the road trip.  We left Baton Rouge at 9:30 PM Wednesday evening after getting a transmission cooler added to the van so we can pull the trailer,  packing an loading the Uhaul all day and finally stopping to eat at Kelly’s parent’s house on the way out of town. … Continue reading »

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Long Spring

The spring weather feels like it just keeps getting better.  One blue sky, mild temperature day after another.  I can’t remember the last time I spent this much time outside every day enjoying the weather and enjoying riding my bike.  Four times out on the bike yesterday with various combinations of family and friends. Today … Continue reading »

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This Evening’s Bike Ride

This is one of our almost daily routes.  We go this way to get to Trader Joe’s or to our LSU area favorites; Highland Coffee’s, The Chimes, Parade Grounds or the LSU Lakes.  We have been intending to bring the camera the last several times we went out and today,we remembered to grab it.   … Continue reading »

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Tate’s Birthday

Awesome day! We started off with an Easter basket hunt.  They always love Easter morning and this year,  Rylee talked about it quite a bit leading up to the morning. Next up, we went to a Chinese buffet for a late lunch to celebrate with Tate and we went by Gamestop for Pheonix Wright, Ace … Continue reading »

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A few more carvings

Well, I lost my wedding ring two weeks ago on a bike ride, so I carved a stand-in until I get around to buying a new one.  I made it out of some of the remnants of the cherry wood I still have lying around.  I only have fairly small pieces left, but I keep … Continue reading »

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  “If we give kids  the foundation to dream, they will figure out the grammar and the history the minute it helps them to reach their goals and make a difference.” – Seth Godin   We’re approaching a year and a half of Unschooling our kids and how it works is still a bit of … Continue reading »

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March wrapup

A lot has gone on in the last two weeks.  Sometimes it feels like not much is happening, but we actually pack a lot of life into two weeks. I’m settling in to the schedule and pace of the family a little better now.  There is less urgency to get everything accomplished on a tight … Continue reading »

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