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The 1905 Project

Posted by on April 20, 2017
1905 Duplex

1905 Duplex

Well, we bought the duplex, moved into one side of it, and rented the other side to a great set of folks we have met and known now for two years.

This is a massive project since the entire building is a fixer upper.  Fortunately the rented side has been refurbed already though, so that is one exception to the overall redo effort.  We have rotten exterior wood, neglected and missing landscaping, clogged gutters and drains, old carpet, damaged wood floors, missing and broken siding, moss covering the roof, driveway and stairs, in-service knob and tube wiring and old galvanized pipes.  It’s a challenge trying to figure out where to begin.  But, we’ll just dive in and start the work.  I’m sure it will start to come together quickly.

Every one is very pleased so far to be living here.  Kelly is great at projects and the kids are really enjoying the house with all its character.  Moving in was a lot of fun too.  The whole family worked hard to get the U-Haul loaded, unloaded and now setting up the new house.  Our neighbors had a large group of friends helping them move, so they also came and pitched in for a while to help us move in too.  Very generous.

It’s a very interesting old building that was built in 1905.  Lots of great big molding around all the doors and windows.  Old original solid wood interior doors with original door knobs.  Huge walk in basement and walk up attic.  Lots of little turns and levels inside the house.  Great sound when you walk around.  And best of all, lots of potential with the possible projects to improve the place.

Busy days ahead…

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