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Strange Winter

Posted by on January 14, 2017

It has been unusually icy and snowy this winter.  Portland typically has mild winters and only a little snow every few years.  This year, however, it has snowed several times already, and this last time, it snowed for about 24 hours straight, and there was a foot of snow covering everything.  Unfortunately, the city is not set up for snow and ice, so the roads and sidewalks were slippery and traffic and transit was snarled for four days.

I took the train instead of biking since it was so slippery.  I’m glad I got out in the snow.  Downtown looked cool and I had the town almost to myself since most people stayed home.

But, we had a good time.  The first sunny day after the snow, I took off work and shoveled snow with Kelly and walked around the neighborhood looking at all the cars, houses and trees completely covered in fresh white powder.

At the tail end of the four days of below freezing temps, I took a ride out to Multnomah Falls to see what it would look like frozen.  Luke, Rylee and two of Rylee’s friends were excited to come out to see it too.  It was an adventure.  We took the AWD Subaru Crosstrek with snow tires, but the road was still slippery and dangerous.  We saw a couple of fresh accidents coming and going.  And when we got to the parking lot out in the Gorge, the wind was intense, and it felt like we were getting sand blasted by ice and snow when we walked to the falls.  But once we got away from the Gorge and to the falls, no wind, but cold and frozen.  The kids enjoyed the experience.


Downtown Statue


Snowy, Icy Llyod Center MAX Station


My office


Frozen Multnomah Falls

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