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New Car Share

Posted by on December 11, 2016

It’s been about two and a half years now since we’ve owned our own car and it actually keeps getting easier and more convenient.  The latest addition is Reach Now, a car share service run by BMW.  It works just like Car2Go, the Smart Car service we’ve used for two years now.  So Reach Now is another pay by the minute service with an app that shows the location of all the cars.  So where ever I am in town, I open the app, find a car, drive it to my destination and then get out and leave it there.  Right now, the BMW is 41 cents/minute.  Not a bad price to drive a new BMW anytime I need a ride.  They have also added the electric BMW to their Portland fleet.  Now that is a fun car to drive!  It’s quiet, quick, and convenient.

It’s hard to believe how many nice cars I get to drive all the time without needing to own the whole thing myself.  I would never get to drive all these cars if I had one of my own sitting in the garage already.  I never have to wash, vacuum, change oil and tires or worry about door dings.  The cars are always taken care of, looking nice and running well.  And with this being the third car share program I use, in addition to Car2Go and Zip Car, I am never without a ride when I want one.

And, of course, still biking to work every day.  No problems.  This time of year, I start the day wearing waterproof/windproof shoes, pants and jacket, and the ride feels good.  Very refreshing way to start the workday.  Pushing the bike hard, cool air and a little mist in my face, I get to work ready for the day.  And at the end of the day, same routine getting home and its a nice transition back to home life.



The weather on Monday's ride in to the office

The weather on Monday’s ride in to the office

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