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Lost Lake

Posted by on May 11, 2016

I was able to snag a couple of nights in the big cabin, cabin #7, at Lost Lake Resort, about an hour and 45 minutes from home, just north of Mt. Hood.  I booked it a couple of months ago and all of the early summer weekends were already booked, so we took a Monday and a Tuesday night.  And since this is still the off season, the cabins were half priced.

Being off season, there are still quite a few trees down on the trails from the winter carnage and it’s still a little cool out there.  At night the temperature dipped down to the 40’s and there was snow on the ground in a few places, so it was too cold to get in the water to play, but during the day, we had blue skies and temperature in the 70’s.  Hiking, canoeing and campfires kept us all busy and entertained.

The air up there is cool and crisp, it smells like pine and cedar, and when you get out on the hiking trails or out to the center of the lake, it’s eerily quiet.  In the morning, the lake was perfectly calm, like a big mirror reflecting every detail of the green, blue and white landscape.  It’s a different world out there, and it’s so close to home.  There is no cell phone service, internet or any other easy distractions, so we all spent a lot of time together outside or, after dark, inside playing games together by the fire.  Firewood was never an issue because the staff comes by in the mornings and refills the firewood bin outside each of the cabins and next to the shared fire pit.

Tate chose to stay behind and skip this trip.  He preferred solitude at home instead of roughing it in the woods with us.  Being without him on a trip sure felt different.  Still complete.  But it’s different.  It was a reminder to me to appreciate more fully each person who did make the trip and to appreciate the short time that Tate is still in the house with us.  Time flies with the kids.

Rylee brought a friend along this time, which was great.  They had lots of fun together and it’s great to see their happiness.  Luke was completely available and eager to interact so I appreciated his interest in spending time together taking hikes, catching critters, and canoeing a lot.  Luke and I crossed the whole lake and made it to the far end of the Southern Cove in the canoe on the last morning.  He was quite proud of the achievement.  It was one hour of solid rowing, sometimes against the wind, but we made his goal.  Kelly was content, as always, with whatever came.  Sometimes it was solitude, sometimes engaged with some or all of us.  Kelly brought along some really good burgers and muffins.  Good food.

Peaceful.  Quiet.  Physical.  Teamwork.  Togetherness.


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