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Zip Car

Posted by on June 21, 2015

I joined the Zip Car car sharing service last week, so I have another part time, on-demand driving option now.  Zip Car is similar to the Car2Go in that there is an app on my phone where I can search for a car close by, reserve it, and drive it for as long as I need it.  This one also includes insurance and a gas card.

Zip Car uses lots of car types; SUV’s, sedans, pickups, vans and electric cars.  So, lots more car type options over Car2Go.  But Zip cars have to be returned to their designated spot at the time you promised to return it.  Car2Go is open ended on the time and you can ditch it anywhere.  Full day Zip Car rental is comparable in price to a regular rental car, but it’s easier to get to and reserve the Zip Car.


Half of the local Zip Cars

So, to try out the new found car freedom, Luke, Tate and I headed out to the Mt.Hood area on Saturday afternoon to scout out some hiking trails and campgrounds.  They didn’t want to get out and walk a bunch, so we drove to several trailheads and campgrounds, but only got out at Bridal Veil Falls.

Bridal Veil Trailhead Portland Oregon Hike

The Bridal Veil Trailhead

This is a pretty short hike, about 2/3 of a mile from the trail head parking lot, to get to two waterfalls.  It’s all downhill getting to the falls and then a moderate incline to get back to the parking lot.  It’s well worth the walk to see the tall waterfalls, and on the hike, you have an elevated view down across the Columbia river gorge.

This short hike is nowhere near as crowded as Multnomah Falls was on a perfect weather day like today, so it’s a little quieter.  But, we still shared the space with another 20-30 hikers.  It’s about 40 minutes from home and we passed another 5 or so trail heads to other places out in the woods.

We stopped by the Bonneville Dam on our way home too, but it was after 5pm, so the gate was locked.  We’ll have to go back to get a closer look.







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