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Posted by on April 29, 2015

The primary event of this month has been Rylee’s broken leg. Today she goes to the orthopedic doc for her four week follow up, to take the long-leg-cast off, get an out of cast x-Ray, then decide on treatment going forward.

She’s been brave through the process of her accident, denial of the injury and the excruciating pain during the first week. So, we are all hopeful that her recovery has progressed as expected and that she’s well on her way to normalcy again.


Getting around in the wheelchair

For the first few days of the month, we were still in the third floor apartment, which was pretty difficult to get Rylee into and out of to get to the hospital. I had to carry her up and down the stairs, but fortunately, we were in the new place within about three days of the broken leg.  We only have half a flight of stairs to go up now.

We are all moved in and settled now and enjoying the new place. It feels huge after sharing a two bedroom apartment even though it’s only 1000 sq ft.

The spring weather here is great.  I had forgotten how green this place was.  So many trees and flowering plants everywhere.  The air always smells sweet.

The new job has been interesting.  I’m already in pretty deep with lots of work, project responsibilities and now also supervisory responsibilities again.  It’s a fun, fast paced place, lots to do, and a lot of eager colleagues.  I thought I would miss the freedom that I had while not working, but I’m enjoying the work and the people enough to keep me looking forward to getting up and coming to the office every morning.

This Friday is the one year anniversary from the day we hitched up the trailer and started driving.  It will be a good time to reflect on everything we managed to accomplish in the year.  A lot can be done in a year with some planning, deadlines, and a good attitude.



2 Responses to April

  1. Dan Johnson

    Joe , my electric bill was $73 this month . Just thought I would let you know . To the rest of you , that’s a private joke .

    • Big Joe

      That’s pretty good, Dan. I’m glad to hear they are keeping the bills fun and interesting!
      And don’t forget to turn your air off this summer.

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