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new vehicle

Posted by on March 16, 2015

Since I have a regular commute again, I decided to go ahead and replace the bike that got stolen last year. I found a comfortable hybrid bike that fits me well and is a lot faster than the old bike was.

I’ve been riding it to work for a week now, and this is by far the best way to cover the thee miles I go to the office every day.  Over the last month, I have used the buses, the trains and walked big parts of it.  The bike is the fastest way, the cheapest way and I get 20 minutes of exercise twice a day.  I have a couple of nice hills to cross, so I get a few bursts of strength and endurance each way too.  I don’t have a car note for the bike, no gas costs, and no insurance.  I was paying $5 a day for train fare, which the bike saves me now too.  I can’t  begin to add up all the money I’ve paid for monthly parking in previous jobs and here, everyone brings their bikes into the office with them.

A year ago, the idea of riding a bike to work every day seemed very different  and unusual. But now when I commute, there are tons of other bike commuters sharing the road with me.  At the office, I see lots of bikes in the elevators and in many people’s offices.  In my workgroup alone, of the six engineers, five of us are daily bike commuters.

I missed one day of biking because I was not prepared for the rain.  I have since gone out and picked up rain pants and a reflective waterproof jacket.  I also added a set of Ortlieb waterproof panniers to the bike.  Kelly and I tested the capacity of the panniers on Friday by getting about 2/3 of a full basket of groceries loaded into them.  They hold A LOT!

My first day riding to work I remembered how free it feels to be out getting around outside of a vehicle.  I felt the wind. I got to stop and get an up close look at the unbelievable cherry blossoms along the river front.  I got to pass all the cars stuck in traffic. I got to feel my legs burn crossing the bridges.  I got to go on my own schedule and own pace.

My Jamis Commuter 3 in the office with me

My Jamis Commuter 3 in the office with me


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