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Back to Work

Posted by on February 1, 2015

Having gotten to February now, we have made it all the way around the horn with the experimental year away from work.  Transitions are always interesting and enlightening, as I expect this one to be as well.

I’ve gained a lot this year and learned a lot about myself and my family.  I spent the year free from obligation, free from debt, and free to wake up and do whatever I want with each day.  Looking back now I can see easily that, although many plans were loosely made with creative freedom being the priority, everything I undertook this year has been a great success.

Now with this project behind me, I want to return to work that I enjoy.  Circling back with my former employer, we were not able to resume a relationship or create a long distance arrangement since my family is not interested in leaving Portland and heading back to Louisiana right now.  But that left me free to pursue new options, and, amazingly, a great job found me.  All the people I met at the new company seem very energized and excited about the work and about the company, so I’m very much looking forward to joining up with them, being a part of that team, and making my work part of the family’s daily life again.  So we’re all excited about this change, but I will miss the abundance of time I have had with my family.

This year has been a constant lesson in optimism and allowing things to work out without forcing it.  We have had high level plans but we didn’t loose sleep over any step along the way; from housing, to budget, to travel plans, and now a sweet job, it has all worked itself out.  We’ve also managed to remove a lot of barriers from our lives and it will be a challenge to carry these lessons and new practices forward and sticking with our new habits.

I have spent this month going to school with the kids every day that they went, taking lots of walks and bike rides with Kelly, and getting through a few more books.  It has been several years since I read Walden, one of my all time favorites, but it felt like the right book to read before heading back to work.  The book was just as great as it was the first time I read it.  Overlapping with my reading of Walden, I also re-listened to The Power of Now and The Bhagavad Gita audio books.  Two very interesting books that dovetail very nicely with Thoreau.  And with those three books behind me now, I’m moving back over to fiction.  I’ve started to read the 1000 page Don Quixote and I’m listening to Salem’s Lot.  Don Quixote will be a challenge because of its length, but it is a fun and easy read otherwise which is surprising for a translation of a 400 year old Spanish classic.

I’ll be forever grateful for the time the five of us have had together this year.   It’s been unbelievable.

4 Responses to Back to Work

  1. TG

    Tell me about the new gig? Who are you working for? Are you back in the utility industry?

    • Big Joe

      I’m in the newly established Portland office of a larger company with five other engineers, so it’s a small local group tied in to a much larger network. It is a utility consulting company, and I am seeing the industry from a different side now.

  2. Karen

    Best of luck and on to the next adventure!

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