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Baton Rouge Visit

Posted by on January 4, 2015

We made it back home for the holidays.  I haven’t been there since May 1st, so being back was interesting and brought back lots of memories of a great, long, free spring there at home with my family before we left.

This was the first time I have ever spent a week there while sleeping at my sister’s house and spending a lot of time with my nephews.  The boys and I had a great time and it’s a completely different experience being in someone’s house for a week compared to spending the time in a hotel and just visiting some of the time.  My sister was very generous and flexible with her space.  She’s always been very generous with me.

We got to visit with a lot of family, but the time was shorter than I hoped for and I didn’t make time to visit with some friends I’d hoped to catch up with.

I often joke about Kelly’s intense car free focus, but being reliant on a car again after this long stretch of being car free was a real eye opener for me, I’m a believer now.  We’ve gone a long time without a car in Portland, then a Chicago experience, and then Boston, now being in a place with limited public transit was a shock.  Driving everyday to get everywhere we want to go was much more of a chore than I used to realize when I was doing it everyday.  But thanks to a generous friend, we did have a car for the whole visit without having to rent one.  So it worked and we were not stuck.

I really enjoyed a couple of nostalgic walks with Kelly around Highland Road Park, Magnolia Woods, and through Downtown.  Three places we’ve walked many many happy miles through together in the past.

I saw lots of change out there.  New faces, loss of old faces, joy and excitement about new ideas, acceptance of status quo, new marriages, and dissolution of marriages.

I feel fortunate to have made the move West with my family.  Being back home and around friends and family, I realized how sticky home can be.  It’s tough to make a big change and leave behind so much of the familiar in exchange for the unknown, especially with kids still to raise.  But I’m glad to do this with the kids too, for their benefit.  Change is good and brings amazing new clarity.

Now it’s good to be back in Portland to start the new year.  To reflect on an intense year of change and plan for all the coming changes for 2015.

My legs are sore already on my second day back.  Three trips to the kennel to retrieve the pets, a walk to the grocery, and a long ~5 mile walk from home to Alberta street and back yesterday.  Yeah, feels good!


Bringing the cats home from the kennel, one at a time


Beautiful blue-sky winter day on my first full day back in Portland


A spectacular, cool, grey, misting afternoon on my second day back in Portland

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