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Solo trip to Chicago

Posted by on December 12, 2014

It’s been about ten years since I visited Chicago, so it was nice to get back out there, even if just for an overnight solo trip.  It is a great city; big, busy and of course, very windy.

This was the first time in a year that I’ve traveled, lodged and eaten at someone else’s expense, and it was very enjoyable to do that again.  It was also enough of a jolt to my routine to remind me to reflect on the year of self sufficiency and all the self confidence that has come from that experience.

Portland has a lot of nice public transportation, but Chicago does it on a completely different scale.  The commuter trains there are many times longer than the PDX trains and there are so many going in every direction.  Chicago is a much bigger city than Portland, which was already so much bigger than Baton Rouge.  It’s always interesting to change perspective from time to time.

It’s an easy trip with a 4.5 hr direct flight, and the door to door public transit on my end.

And next week, Tate and I are off to Boston for a week while Kelly, Luke, and Rylee head to Baton Rouge where we’ll meet up with them for a few days around Christmas.


View from my 17th floor hotel room in Downtown Chicago. This view is away from the city center. A great view of a more rugged, industrial side of downtown.

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