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Car Free

Posted by on October 3, 2014

We sold the van this week since we were only using it for our once a month road trips.  The rest of the time the van sat out on the street with no purpose.

It’s been a year already since we went down to one car.  We have never missed the second car and it’ll be interesting to see how it feels not having a car at my disposal for the first time ever.  We get a lot more exercise than we ever got before, and the exercise is just a natural part of every day.

We may need a car again in the future, but for now we’re better off without it.

I see so much when I’m walking through town and through all the other towns around here.  It looks different on foot than it looks driving by it.  I’ve been enjoying walking through Beaverton a couple of times a week.  It’s a great little town.  Thursdays are my long day now.  While Tate takes his first class, I spend a couple of hours in the park reading and watching all the families in the park.  When Tate’s done, he and I eat an early lunch in the park, then we walk over to their library to pass the four hours before his next class.  The library is a really nice building with lots of wood detail inside, solar panels on the roof and plenty of room inside to sit and read or talk.  It’s been a great place to spend time with Tate for a few hours a week.


My Thursday morning office


My Thursday afternoon office

4 Responses to Car Free

  1. T. G.

    How have yall been? Doesn’t sound like yall will be moving back to LA anytime soon.

    • Big Joe

      Hey man! Yes, we’re having a good time out here. The kids have just started taking classes and they’re really excited about their school, so we don’t have any immediate plans to leave that just yet. That’s probably the number one reason for staying right now. It’s a good place for them. Other than that, I don’t have any longer term plans in mind to return or not return, I’m just letting this process unfold for the time being.

      How is your family?

  2. T. G.

    It’s good to hear from you. The family is good. The kids are keeping us busy.

    Where are the kids taking classes?

    • Big Joe

      I’m glad they’re all doing good, as always, and I know what you mean about staying busy.

      The kids are going to a place called Village Home and they pick the classes and the schedules they want. Tate and Rylee even have one section together once a week. They are enjoying all quite a lot right now.

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