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South Beach State Park, Oregon

Posted by on September 22, 2014

We drove three hours from Portland down to Newport to the South Beach State Park for a two night camping trip.  Kelly coordinated this trip for us through the local unschool group that had this trip planned, possibly an annual trip with them.

The drive down to central Oregon is a very nice drive.  Lots of great scenery and it always feels good to be back out on the road for a long trip and driving into Newport was a very cool experience.  We went from driving through a mountain that was covered in pine and Douglas Fir, to very suddenly making a steep descent to the wide open coast in front of us.

All five of us together for two nights and three days was a lot of fun.  We never know how it’s going to turn out, but it’s always educational in so many ways.

The Northwest coast is cold.  So much colder than the South Beach we’re used to in Miami.  Temps here are  in the 50’s at night and in the 70’s during the day.  Pretty chilly at night, but we were in a yurt this time instead of a tent.  The yurt was basically a heavy duty tent with a wooden floor, a small table, and beds so we weren’t cold at night.

Everyone enjoys sitting by the campfire, so we bought some firewood at the campground and Tate and Luke used Luke’s flint and steel and his steel wool to start our fires at night.  Luke brought his big camping knife along too, so we shaved slivers of wood off the logs as kindling to help get the fire started.

Kelly rented a couple of bikes so she and I took a few rides around the campground.  It’s a big park with lots of paved hiking and biking trails through woods, up to the coast and then out to the town.  We stopped along a pier and watched everyone fishing and crabbing and we saw a couple of people cleaning their Dungeness crabs.

Rylee and I took a couple of rides around the park too and we stopped near the bay and watched the sea lions swimming around in packs.  When they’re swimming, they  look a lot like the dolphins we watched in the Gulf at Fourchon beach in Louisiana or Fort Morgan beach in Alabama.

On our drive home, we went through Salem, OR to see the state capitol.  Kelly always wants to see state capitol buildings and grounds.  I’m glad she like doing that.  We learn so much about our country and history at the capitol buldings with the interesting inscriptions, carvings, and displays.

We made it back home Sunday evening in time to get to bed early since everyone has to get up in the morning to start classes at Village Home.  Everyone is very excited about the start of the Village Home experience.


Our Yurt


Inside the Yurt


Me and Tate enjoying the afternoon




Bridge to Newport


Forest trails all over the park

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