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The cars

Posted by on August 11, 2014
I saw this place recently and it reminded me of Dan, the apparent car expert, in Baton Rouge

I saw this place recently in Portland and it reminded me of Dan, the apparent car expert in Baton Rouge, who’s been identifying some of the cars in the pictures.  So I had to add this photo.

I took a few more car pictures on my walks and rides through town, and below are the last of those pictures I took.  Then I decided to stop taking pictures for a while, there are just so many cool cars out here.  now I’ve been just looking at them when I pass, stopping for a minute to enjoy, then continuing on down the road.

This is a great place for seeing vintage cars.  But, I’ve only seen one exotic new car, a Ferrari.  So in contrast, Miami was a great place for seeing lots of new luxury cars, but not many cool older cars.


3 Responses to The cars

  1. Dan Johnson

    A Citroen and a Checker Marathon .

  2. Joachim Francois

    Dan. Your car knowledge is pretty crazy. I never knew you had a knack for spotting older cars.

  3. Dan Johnson

    Joe , I don’t know a lot of details about them but I have a good idea of what I’m looking for when I do the research . Example , I knew the Checker was a taxi in it’s former life so I looked it up . Not an expert by any means , I just know enough to look in the right place .

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