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Cannon Beach at Dawn

Posted by on August 7, 2014

We left the apartment this morning at 4:00 am to make it to Cannon Beach for the 5:30 am low tide.  Low tide is the only time that it’s possible to walk all the way out to the Haystack rock, touch it, see all the wildlife in the tide pools, and get pretty close to one of the caves.

We found a spot to park on the street right above the rock near Gower Ave, but there were not many spots to spare even though it was dawn on a Thursday.  Maybe there is a better place to park, but we were near a couple of hotels and all their spots were full.

It was cold and windy out there with the temp in the mid 50’s.  We were barefoot and by the end of it, my feet and legs were a little numb, but we got to touch tons of starfish, sea anemone, and mussels.  The sand was very soft and fine and had a real smooth feel to it that was nice to walk in.  Luke enjoyed taking the leisurely walk and kicking the sand, Rylee loved seeing all the critters, and Kelly had fun taking some nice pictures.

Kelly made fresh banana nut muffins for the trip, so after a couple of hours on the beach, we had a nice breakfast snack  for our drive home and we were back in the apartment by 9:30 am.

We missed Tate on this short trip since he wanted to stay home.  Maybe he’ll catch the next outing with us, maybe he’ll continue with his interest in independent experiences.  I’m happy for him that he has so much focus on and fun at what he’s into right now.  It’s important that he is experiencing this depth of passion and interest.

This beach was well worth the short drive.

Pictures from Cannon Beach






2 Responses to Cannon Beach at Dawn

  1. Old Mr. Wilson

    Joe Cool from the Motor Pool!! Enjoy………Enjoy!!!
    Isn’t it GREAT to be away from that den of iniquity!!!
    Death to the serpentine luciferians and death to the “new world order”.
    Peace, love and sweet dreams, Wilson

  2. Joachim Francois

    Hey there Wilson! It’s good to hear from you. Peace and love to you too, my friend. You and your kids are never far my my thoughts or from our conversations at the Francois home. And we all wish you the best through life’s ups and downs.

    And as always, your vocabulary is…interesting, powerful and just over my head!

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