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Forest Park

Posted by on July 24, 2014

We made a quick run out to Forest Park on Tuesday.  Rylee and Kelly came along, Tate and Luke stayed home.  We used the extremely convenient public transportation system and rode the bus.  The #77 bus runs every 15-20 minutes at the bus stop two blocks from our apartment and, after a 20 minute meandering ride through really interesting parts of town, dropped us off about three blocks from the Lower Macleay Trailhead.  It’s listed as a short, easy hike, so it sounded perfect for a walk with Rylee and Kelly.  0.8 miles into the hike, the trail splits and at the split, we stopped to see the old stone house.  Rylee made some videos there, Kel took a bunch of pictures and I got to be an extra for Rylee.

This is a pretty nice place to take a walk.  It’s shady, cool and the ground is slightly wet with ferns and green moss covering a lot of the surroundings.  There were lots of really tall Douglas Firs and one just before the stone house that’s listed as a heritage tree.  It’s the tallest tree in the city limits and is off limits to saws forever.  It”s a pretty big tree with about a 5-6 foot diameter.

And it was all nearly free.  The bus ride was $2.50 ea for Kelly and I and $1.65 for Rylee.  No park entry fee.

 Forest Park Pictures


Wide, quiet, cool forest trails


Visiting the Stone House


The shallow stream that parallels the trail

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