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Two weeks with my boys

Posted by on July 21, 2014

I have just had a great and interesting two week stretch with my boys.

Tate, Luke and I have been home together without Kelly and Rylee, since the girls went back to Baton Rouge for two weeks.  This is the first time that we’ve ever spent this long of a stretch together exclusively.  I had a bunch of ideas for things to do together since it was just us, but I saw early on that the two boys are most content right now just being home and doing what they do here, without any interest to leave the house.  So, I made myself available for all their wants and needs, hung around the house a lot with them engaging their interests, and being grateful every time they invited me to take part in one of their games.

We had a four hour power outage one day and with the internet not working, they were interested in going out for food.  So, we had a nice walk down to our neighborhood sushi restaurant and we had a great time in there.  The power was out there too so it was fun being in the only restaurant that was still open and able to operate.  When we got home, the power was still out, so we played the magic card game to pass the time.

Luke came out a couple of times during the week to walk the dog with me too, otherwise, they stayed in.  But Luke and I got to play a lot of his xBox games together.  Elite Sniper, Call of Juarez.

Another one of the fun things we did was brainstorm together everyday on what we would eat.  That was a random fun activity for us.  We ate well, but we sure did miss Kelly’s good cooking (and we ate a lot of ice cream!)

I got to read a lot.  I went out to the park a couple of times, but mostly I read at home, trying to stay close to the boys.

The house was much quieter without the girls here too.

I enjoyed the two weeks with the boys.  Appreciating them, watching them, helping them, laughing with them.

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