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A week in the neighborhood

Posted by on July 5, 2014

We didn’t take any family road trips this week, but Kelly and Rylee flew back to Baton Rouge for 15 days so Rylee could spend time with the friends she misses from home.  But before they left, we spent a great week in our local area.


I rode with Rylee and Kelly to the airport on their 8am train ride from our neighborhood to the airport. What a convenient way to travel!

We wake up every morning to cool air coming into the windows.  One or more of us takes the dog for a walk around the neighborhood.  It’s nice having no yard and having a dog that needs multiple walks every day to get us out and walking.  This neighborhood and the neighborhoods adjacent to this one are a great place to walk.  There are so many flowers out here and the air always smells sweet.  It’s also so nice to see all the front yard gardens around the neighborhood.  One condo building even claims that ALL the landscaping is edible.  Aside from the landscaping, there is also lots of free stuff around the neighborhoods.  Instead of donating or throwing things away, people frequently put their surplus stuff out on the curb with a “Free” sign on it.  It’s a nice way to share with neighbors.  I’ve seen dishes, furniture, cloths and toys.  It sits out for a couple of days and then they drop it in a dumpster.

Kelly and I took advantage of a clear day this week and headed downtown on the streetcar to go ride the Tram up to OHSU.  The streetcar goes all through downtown, then over to the waterfront Tram terminal.  At the top of the Tram ride, we got to stand on a big observation deck overlooking the city.  It was a clear day, a little hazy but we could see Mt. St. Helens on our left, Mt. Adams in front of us and Mt. Hood to our right.  That is the only place I’ve found so far to see all three mountains from one place.

Having been home a little more this week, Luke invited me to play a lot of xBox co-op games with him.  This week we revisited some old games that we used to play; Battle Block Theater and Dungeon Defenders.  I love playing with Luke.  He laughs so much and is a very helpful partner in the games.

With my enjoyment of being outside, I’ve gotten to walk to Holladay Park or bike to Grant Park several times this week to lay in the grass and read.  Both parks are awesome.  They have huge trees, soft green grass and lots of people around.  Holladay park is next to the Max line so there is a lot of variety in the types of people there; groups of teenagers, some homeless looking people, people headed to and from the mall and the religious folks handing out pamphlets.  Grant park is in an upscale suburb so there are lots of families out there.  Both excellent places to spend an afternoon reflecting.

And although we lost the cherries on the tree down the street, we ran across a huge blueberry bush in a neighbors front yard that was covered in berries.  We tasted a couple and they were out of this world good.  The bush is quite a few blocks away so it’s not a daily visit, but worth going out of our way a little bit for the experience.

2 Responses to A week in the neighborhood

  1. Dan Johnson

    Just got the link from somebody here . I’ll be keeping up with you guys .

    • Big Joe

      Great! Good to hear from you, Dan. I hope all is well back at home.

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