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Washington Park, Rose Test Garden and Japanese Garden

Posted by on June 11, 2014

We woke up this morning and had a great breakfast.  It was the food that Kelly brought home from her job last night.  Some strawberry/rhubarb scones, quinoa salad and some sort of a Moroccan dish.  I probably have the details on the names wrong, but the food was great.

Kelly plotted out a bus route and we headed out around 1PM.  That sort of feels like a late start, but again, it gets dark so late so there is plenty of time.  The bus dropped us off 0.8 miles from the garden and we walked through the outskirts of downtown for the last leg, all uphill.  Crazy landscape here.

This park, like the others we’ve been to was unbelievable.  Very green, huge trees, perfect landscaping and then we happened to walk through the rose test garden, totally unplanned.  It was crazy to see that many roses in one place.  We smelled a lot of them.  There is a lot of variety in how they all smell.  Awesome experience.

Then we walked a little further uphill to the Japanese garden.  That was a great place to take a Tuesday afternoon walk.  I like the amount of nature I see every day now.

Kelly took a few pictures today.  I was in more of a just looking mood today and had very little interest in taking pictures myself.  I’m glad she took pictures though because they are always nice to see later on.

Washington Park Pictures


My office view today


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