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First full week in PDX

Posted by on May 16, 2014

Today is Friday, the end of our first full Friday to Friday week here.  We arrived last Wednesday and spent the next two days lugging our remaining housewares up to the apartment.  After that final push into the apartment, we’ve been pretty settled.  Kelly is always so good at making our new places feel like home right away.  And we’ve had our share of new places over the years.  She immediately personalizes with her decorations and, by the first morning she’s already cooking an awesome meal.

I’ve gotten more exercise in the last week than I have gotten in a long time.  From taking the long walk up the stairs several times a day to a bunch of long bike rides around town, I’m getting in a lot of leg work.  I ice skated for the first time in my life last week too, and now I get out there for a couple of hours with Rylee when she goes.

My birthday yesterday was great.  We all biked to one of the neighborhood parks here.  We’ve always enjoyed doing that together.  We all played on the see saws for most of our time there and some of us spent some time playing with the frisbee.  Lots of laughs and good times.  Later in the evening, Kelly and I rode the Wilamet Greenway bike trail from one end to the other.  Great views of a great city.  The trail is for bikers and pedestrians only, so it felt very safe and there were tons of people out on the trail and at all the parks, open areas and sports fields along the way.

The bike ride to the park was a victory since we are down one bike.  When we went out to get on our bikes we realized that Luke’s bike got stolen overnight.  I was a little lax in locking it up.  I just ran the lock through the front wheel instead of looping it through the frame.  So, they disconnected the front wheel, left it behind and made off with his bike.  He was disappointed but ok with it.

The weather this week has been weird again.  It was sunny and hot for a couple of days and today it’s grey and cool again.  Jacket weather again.

Since we wrapped up our road trip, settled into this apartment and everyone seems happy here, I’ve been thinking a lot about work and getting a job this week.  I have to keep reminding myself that I am taking a year off.  The whole year.  It’s surprising how tempting it is to go run out and look for a job as a way to provide daily certainty and purpose instead of figuring out how to fill that void with something other than the job right now.  It is taking some self discipline to shift my thinking away from job right now.  I am enjoying the process, however, of seeing things in a whole new way.  Portland is an inspiring town with some remnant pioneering spirit.

Victory on the apartment too.  We are still here.  I wasn’t sure we’d make it through the first week with our unusual rental situation.  But, here we are and we’re still enjoying getting to know this neighborhood.


All that remains of Luke’s nice Trek bike. We bought the bike last summer around the time we got to Capitol Heights. We enjoyed lots of rides together using that bike.


Great time at Grant Park


Great time at Grant Park


We’ve seen a couple of these poetry posts around town. I always stop to read them. Good thoughts someone cares to share.


Ice skating at the Lloyd Center Mall


Typical scene at intersections. Lots of bikes.


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  1. Jjn

    I am so proud of you all and so happy for you!

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