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Mt Tabor

Posted by on May 12, 2014

Kelly and I rode to Mount Tabor on our bikes.  It was about four miles and mostly at a slight incline with a few big hills.  Fun ride but difficult.  We’ll be conditioning more every day and eventually it should be a quick easy ride.

The views up there are unbelievable.  The huge trees are shockingly big and have very dense cover.  Hardly any light filters through to the ground.  The views of Mt. Hood are unreal too.  It’s so huge in the landscape.

As great as the views are, I can say that our views around Baton Rouge were just as spectacular, just very different.  I’m glad we took the time to really explore Baton Rouge on our bikes and enjoy the scenery before we left.  I would not have been able to fully appreciate the natural scenery here had I not first taken it all in at home and appreciated that first.



Front view off Mt Tabor


View behind us on Mt Tabor

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