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Biking Adventures in Portland, take one

Posted by on May 12, 2014

Joe and I took our first long bike ride in Portland today. It. Was. Amazing!! We wound up riding past The Moda Center during a Portland/San Antonio playoff NBA basketball game! It was crazy, all the people everywhere, and all of the bikes. I have never seen that many bikes out riding before, unless it was a race. I actually waited at many stop lights surrounded by bicycles, bicycle traffic, I love it!!

We walked our bikes over the Steel bridge into downtown. The view was incredible. We went inside the Portland Union Station – a breathtaking, historic train station still being used. We came back across the river via the Broadway Bridge, and I’m proud to say I bicylced it all the way over without stopping! Whew! Then we managed to find Mississippi Street for a nice cruise down a very hip area. We saw a restaurant for just mac and cheese! Yum.

No one told me about all the hills in this town!! I channeled my inner Elly Blue and convinced myself I love bicycling the hills for the strength they are building in me (and I walked up a couple of hills, too!). We managed to find our way back to NE 21st through some incredible neighborhoods (Irvington!! Sullivan’s Gulch!!).

The bike lane on NE Multnomah was my favorite one we went on, it was separated from the car traffic by a buffer area and felt safe. All of the very impressive commuter cyclists in this town (you take hills like nothing!) were patient with this slow, slightly lost cyclist – and I appreciated it! All in all, it was an epic adventure and I can’t wait to explore this city more.

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