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Launch Pad

Posted by on May 1, 2014

Last January, 2013, when our brains were spinning, and we knew that we needed a BIG CHANGE, we had soooooo many ideas.  Our ideas were wild, from years on the road in an RV to backpacking around Europe, the sky was the limit.  When opportunities abound, it’s really hard to make a decision.  To help focus on what we wanted, we kept coming back to the first step, selling the house.  Since we hadn’t found the right plan of action yet, we needed a launching pad – somewhere to live after selling the house, and before we came up with “The Plan”.

When I should have been packing and organizing for the house sale, instead I obsessed over apartment and rental housing options in Baton Rouge.  I came up with my set of criteria, it had to be a part of town we had never lived in and as walkable and bikeable as Baton Rouge offers.

I really wanted to live downtown.  However, the rental pratices downtown are discriminatory against families.  In retrospect, I’m glad that I didn’t find anything downtown because it landed us in Mid-City Baton Rouge, one of the most vibrant, alive areas of this city.  We can walk or bike ride to myriad locally owned businesses.  We’ve routed (mostly) safe bike routes to the LSU lakes, the Perkins Road Over-pass area and to Downtown.  Living in this part of town has given me a new appreciation and adoration of Baton Rouge.

The most community oriented, liveable neighborhoods have a gumbo of multi-family housing, duplexes, single-family housing, renters, owners, higher income as well as lower income.  Mid-city has all of that!  The Patrician Apartments, where we live, is a great addition to Mid-City.  As soon as I toured the complex, I knew this was the perfect launching pad for us!  The apartments, built in the late ’60’s or early ’70’s, have gorgeous archways, flag stone walkways, enormous decadent white columns, interesting vine covered brick work, and one of the prettiest pools I’ve ever seen.  This has been resort living for our exit phase, and we have loved living here!

Our apartment at The Patrician


Gorgeous columns


Inviting breezways


Tropical Pool


The prettiest pool we’ve ever swam in

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