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A few more carvings

Posted by on April 20, 2014

Well, I lost my wedding ring two weeks ago on a bike ride, so I carved a stand-in until I get around to buying a new one.  I made it out of some of the remnants of the cherry wood I still have lying around.  I only have fairly small pieces left, but I keep finding new uses for the scraps.

I also made a new espresso scoop that we use every morning, so it’s starting to absorb the oil off the fresh beans and is starting to look and smell really good.

I carved the ball in a box while we were in Miami in January and I just recently sanded it and added mineral oil.  This is a small version of the bigger one I made last year.  This one is a rectangle that’s about 3/4″  by 1.5″ and the ball is about 1/2″ in diameter.  It’s carved out of a solid rectangular block.

I made a double sided measuring spoon that I also use every morning too to add sugar to my coffee.  I made it to fit a tablespoon full on one end and a teaspoon full on the other end.




Espresso scoop


Ball in a box


Measuring spoon




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