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March wrapup

Posted by on April 7, 2014

Our Backyard Azaleas

A lot has gone on in the last two weeks.  Sometimes it feels like not much is happening, but we actually pack a lot of life into two weeks.

I’m settling in to the schedule and pace of the family a little better now.  There is less urgency to get everything accomplished on a tight deadline.  I’m finding that I get just as much done, but at random times and in spurts as opposed to getting it done on a schedule.  It’s a fun way to work and it’s pretty productive.  I’m also getting more solitude than I’ve gotten in a long time.  I am getting much more space to read and to just sit.  It took quite a few weeks for me to feel comfortable with that much me time, but my family was a good teacher for me.  They all take the time and space they need to get their fill of solitude.

We’ve taken countless bike rides to LSU.  We have ridden around the lakes, we’ve sat out on the parade grounds and read and we have gone to the Chimes for oysters and drinks.  Rylee has come along a few times, but Tate and Luke haven’t ventured out that far on the bikes yet.  But Luke is always up for a close in ride to Brew Ha Ha or to Dollar General.  And he’s on his own bike now!

Since I don’t have to get up at any particular time, I’ve been able to be more flexible in where I sleep.  We’ve done a lot of bed swapping lately.  Luke and Rylee have slept in my bed with Kel a few times.  Some nights I stayed in there with them, other nights I slept in Luke’s bed and shared the room with Tate, some nights I slept in Rylee’s bed.  One night Rylee and Luke wanted me to have a sleepover with them so, while Tate slept in Rylee’s room, Rylee, Luke and I shared the boys’ room together.  I have enjoyed sharing rooms with my kids.  Something I did not get to do very often when I had to get up every morning.

I still think about my job quite a bit.  I used to think about it all day every day, but now it’s down to maybe a couple of times a week.  It’s nice not thinking about it so much anymore and it’s been a interesting process for me to unwind from that 14 year relationship.  I still get on the internet and search jobs a couple of times a week.  I thought I would have stopped that by now since I’m not actually interested in a job any time soon.  I think it just feels good looking and seeing that there are a lot of jobs out there in case my old one turns out not to be the right  move after our Portland stop.

Rylee always tells me I am obsessed with death.  I’m not sure I would call it obsessed, but when someone I know dies, it is always a significant event that makes me reflect and it is a wakeup call.  My last boss from work, the one I negotiated my exit with roughly six weeks ago, collapsed at work last week and died unexpectedly.  He was 52.  This is someone who had lots of plans for the future, put in a lot of hard working hours at work, and thought he still had a lot of life in front of him.  We talked about being in contact in November when the Portland lease is up to discuss options.  It’s very strange that he’s gone now, so suddenly.  His passing reminds me to appreciate every day and find a healthy balance between living in the moment and having a practical long term plan.  It’s a tough balance sometimes.

I enjoyed a huge thunderstorm last night.  I quit liking the rain for a while.  First was with my fear of foundation problems at our house in Madison, MS due to Yazoo clay possibly being under our house.  The rain was our worst enemy.  Then, there were so many years while working where any time there was a storm, I had to keep my phone next to me and be prepared to engage work in some fashion.  Work was always with me when it rained and rain was a burden, a stressor.  I see it differently now.  I love the rain!

Rylee has dyed her hair blue, had a massive early birthday party to celebrate with her local friends and Tate bought a new gaming laptop.  It glows blue too.

We’ve gotten a lot done to get ready for the road trip.  We brought a trunk load of donations to Goodwill, we got a new battery and the last new tire for van.  I bought a trailer wiring harness that I’ll need to install now and Kelly reserved a small one-way Uhaul trailer.

The colors are amazing outside right now.  Azaleas in bloom and the oak trees are getting fresh, light green leaves, the sky is blue and the temperature is perfect.  It’s good to be spending so much time outside every day now.  It’s been a great month for us.


2 Responses to March wrapup

  1. Allyson Cooper Russell

    Wow, I love your new association with rain. I have always loved rain and thunderstorms; thunderstorms were one of the things I really missed when I lived in PDX and even now, four years after coming back south, I am still so excited when we get one! To think of your past association with rain, first disaster in the form of your house in Mississippi, and then work and work-related stress, I am so happy for you to have let those things go and be able to enjoy one of nature’s beautiful events.

    • Big Joe

      Awesome, another rain lover!

      It is nice to come back to appreciating something like a good storm after having lost perspective for a while. So…Portland has a reputation for constant rain, but it has no thunderstorms? Sounds interesting!

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