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Miami 2014

Posted by on January 21, 2014

Here are some of our pictures

We enjoyed our three weeks in Miami.  Staying longer then our typical week made a huge difference.  We got to settle in to a different pace than before, with no rush to visit our favorite places.  Every day was a loosely planned day, just like any other day at home.  Three weeks also gave us lots of opportunities for visits with my parents, which I really enjoyed.  It closed some of the gaps that time and distance caused.

I appreciate my parents more and I got to see them really enjoying life in their home environment.  We got to catch up on some old times and learn a little more about each others’ daily lives and plans for the future.  They were very generous with their time, space and patience.  The kids got to experience us working through interesting family relationship dynamics.  We are all better for it.  This was the right place to start our 2014 pilgrimage.

I got to spend more time with Kelly, Tate, Rylee and Luke than ever before.  We have never been together 24/7 for a month without school or work pulling us in different directions for large parts of our day.  We had a great time.  Great family.  I love getting to know them all even better with fewer distractions.

The distance from work was good.  Gave me some new perspectives.

We brought our bikes for the first time in 15 years.  Totally changed the experience.  We got to see a whole different side of the city and we got to cover a lot more ground.  We didn’t start the car for two weeks, until it was time to go down to key west.  Loved the biking time!  South Beach is a great biking city.  Lots of other bikers and pedestrians, so the cars were expecting people in the crosswalks.  They were more aware of bikers and they always yielded to us.  I can see living in that city completely without a car.  Everything you need is right there within a couple of miles.  And, if you need a ride, the $0.25 South Beach Local Bus runs every couple of minutes and there are taxis everywhere too.

This was also our first time getting down to Key West.  It’s an interesting, unique place.  It kind of reminded me of the French Quarter in New Orleans with the architecture and stores and bars.  Just quieter and with an older crowd.  Beautiful clear, blue water.  A different shade of blue from what we saw in Miami.  And….we saw lots of loose chickens running around the residential back roads that we biked.

Here are some of our pictures



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