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And we’re off…

Posted by on January 4, 2014

Ok. We have finally started our trip to Miami.  We are one week late, but that’s not too bad considering four out of five of us got pretty sick. Bad cold or flu. It started feeling like groundhogs day. Like we were just going to wake up sick and weak every day forever. Kel kept a positive attitude and just reminded me it’ll all work out.

So, I got to spend a whole week at home with my family hunkered down, watching movies, playing xBox and resting. We had a good time.

I was well enough earlier in the week while Kel was sick to get some groceries, assuming we’d need a day or two’s provisions until we left. I didn’t factor in that I’d get sick too and we’d be stuck inside. Right when we were running out if food, Nicole saved the day by bringing over a big dinner for us last night.

We have made it to Tallahassee with everyone feeling well enough to travel. Success!  The ride was easy and we had a load of snacks thanks to Shannon.

We brought the bikes and a trunk load of gear.   Looking forward to biking around Miami Beach. We’ve never done that before. In the fifteen years of coming here, we have always flown and then walked around the island and rode on the South Beach Local Bus.

It’s still in the 50’s here in Tallahassee, but we haven’t turned south yet. Our destination should be much warmer.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my parents. Maybe a year  Can’t remember and it’s been two and a half years since I’ve been to Florida.

And, three weeks in an exotic location with my amazing family is still an unbelievable vacation to look forward to. Can’t believe we are doing it!

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