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Posted by on November 18, 2013

It’s the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  Quick rundown of the month so far…


Well, we’re still doing great on our budget.  Everyone is amazing at working on this together, keeping up with expenses and adjusting to make it work.

We added $100/month to the grocery allowance, bringing it to $400/month.  We sometimes supplement the groceries with part of our weekly entertainment money and with some of our personal allowance money to make it work.

We added $100/month for a special event expense.  We realized we could use a bucket for special events when the renaissance fest came around again and we had no money to cover.

Otherwise, we’re still on track with the budget.

Renaissance Fest:

Always a good time when we go.  Kelly didn’t make it this year.  She was home with a hurt back and sinus problems and nausea.  She’s all better now though!

I packed a lunch for our kids and the three friends that rode along with us.  Brought roasted potatoes, boiled eggs, celery, carrots and water.  They were all excited since they got to eat for free and use their money to buy weapons and jewelry.

Tate brought his shield that we made back in 2005 (8 years ago already!).  He brought his big, heavy composite sword and several other swords too.

Birthday Party:

Ruby’s birthday part with a bunch of other homeschool families.  Always fun with everyone participating.  Cool retro house.  Lots of games.  Fun nature walk.  Painted “mushrooms” made out of old corks…I think.


White Light Night yesterday evening.  Man, what a fun event.  All the kids walked there with us.  Interesting food, art and people.  Rode the city busses up and down Government Street.  Listened to a couple of really good bands and had a couple of drinks.  So glad all the kids made it this year!

There was a grey rabbit that lived in the neighborhood.  It usually hung around one particular house.  I saw a little girl sitting outside feeding it a carrot once.

Well, we rode our bikes out there and the bunny was dead in the street.  Sad.

But, someone memorialized the rabbit with a little street graffiti.



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