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Early-Fall Sunday

Posted by on October 1, 2013

We started the morning with a quick Teal hunt with Tate and Luke over a flooded rice field in Welsh, LA at Field’s’s farm. This is the second annual hunt with former MBA classmates and kids.

I didn’t have all the gear I needed for the hunt this year since I’ve given so much of my stuff away, but I was able to borrow an extra gun and another pair of boots to get us outfitted. It beats having to own all the stuff for a once a year hunt. And it’s more fun sharing with friends and family.  The mosquitos were UNBELIEVABLE!  I have never seen that many mosquitos in my life.  It felt like rain hitting us while we were walking, but it was just solid mosquitos.

We wrapped up the afternoon with a bike ride to the coffee shop and to the treehouse on the trail. Kelly, Rylee, Rylee’s friend and Mia (in Kelly’s basket) came along.

The cool fall weather felt great. It was in the 80’s in the evening.

We also got in another swim. Not sure how many more swimming opportunities we’ll have at the Patrician. Beautiful pool.

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