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Housing Options

Posted by on June 5, 2013

Five houses, sixteen years of mortgages, and it’s time for a change.  We are selling our house and taking our housing obligation in smaller bites by renting for the next year.  Signing up for a long term mortgage always seemed like a given, but now it feels like part of a package deal, a standard choice, that limits our flexibility, financially and geographically.  Renting is one way of experimenting with ways to decouple some of the links that tie us into our current lifestyle.

We’ll gain the flexibility of experiencing living in different parts of our town and even the option to try different towns on yearly increments.  We’ll have a maintenance, housekeeping, lawn and pool staff taking care of all the ancillary duties that typically come with the ownership package.  It should be an interesting experience and may even create a little more mental space for us to consider future alternatives.

We have always chosen the mortgage route for the economic benefits, but we are ready to trade the economic benefits for the chance to experience other potential benefits.  We’ll get to experience being tenants, living in a multi-family housing environment, and other unknown lessons that will lead us to our next lifestyle experiment.  We may find ways to revisit some of our other packaged lifestyle choices.

The safety and comfort of the routine is somehow soothing, keeping us attached for so long,  but we are sure that there is a better fit for this family.  At least for now.

One Response to Housing Options

  1. Debbie Knatt Jones

    So freeing and open to whatever God has for you! I love it.

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